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Cursos de Empresa y Economía en Barcelona

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The Executive Bachelor of Business Administration program equips students with a comprehensive view of modern business.
Studying an MBA in Blockchain Management in Barcelona gives students the opportunity to expand their business knowledge in one of the world’s most advanced smart cities.
Design management graduates enter the market with a diverse skill set that will enable them to discern a good design idea from one that will not work in the current market.
Graduates of this program deliver added value to companies where management must focus heavily on its most important asset; its people.
The managerial skills taught in the digital business are applicable to both those that wish to launch their own digital businesses and those who go on to work for an established operation.
Students will develop key capabilities for success in the areas of new product and service development as well as small and family business management.
The caliber of the faculty and a culture that values and rewards an entrepreneurial spirit are what make EU Business School stand out.
The MBA With a Major in International Marketing provides students with knowledge of business as well as an advanced skill set in international marketing.
The admission process at EU Business School is clear and straightforward.
The digital transformation of business is accelerating, and customers are increasingly empowered and selective.