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Zoology (Bachelor Honours) Presencial

Programa de Zoology (Bachelor Honours)

Modalidad: Presencial



GESTIONAMOS TU INGRESO en una universidad británica. Elije entre alguna s de las mejores universidades y estudia este grado con una financiación del 100% del gobierno británico en condiciones muy especiales. ¡,Garantizamos tu plaza!


This degree is divided into Stages. Each Stage lasts for an academic year and you need to complete modules totalling 120 credits by the end of each Stage.

Please be aware that programme modules do change and therefore may differ for your year of entry.

Stage 1

Compulsory modules

ACE1013 Introduction to Genetics

BIO1001 Cell Biology 1

BIO1002 The Animal Kingdom

BIO1003 Plant Biology 1

BIO1004 Microbiology 1

BIO1005 Evolution

BIO1006 Ecology 1

BIO1010 Biology In Action

BIO1019 Introductory Biochemistry for Biologists

Optional modules

You take one of the following optional modules:

ACE1022 Crop Pests

BIO1007 Introduction to Marine Vertebrates

PSY1006 Instinct, Learning and Motivation

Other optional modules may also be available.

This first year is shared with Biology BSc Honours (C100), Ecology and Environmental Biology (C180) and Cellular and Molecular Biology (C1C7), allowing for easy transfer to any of these before the second year should your interests change.

Stage 2

Compulsory modules

BIO2003 Field identification Skills

BIO2006 Entomology

BIO2013 Animal Behaviour

BIO2014 Animal Physiology

BIO2020 Experimental Design and Statistics for Biologists

BIO2022 Molecular Biology and Development

BIO2028 Biodiversity, Ecology and Conservation

BIO2029 Vertebrate Biology

Optional modules

You take 20 credits from the following optional modules:

ACE2031 Animal Parasitology

ACE2057 Zoo Animal Science and Management

BIO2008 Evolutionary and Population Genetics

BIO2021 Vocational Placement for Biologists

BIO2025 UK Wildlife

PSY2007 Biological Psychology: Sex, Drugs, Rhythms and Blues

Other optional modules may also be available.

Stage 3

Compulsory modules

BIO3012 Current Issues in Conservation

BIO3014 Evolution and Behaviour

BIO3016 Mechanisms of Behaviour

BIO3022 Residential Field Course

BIO3035 Biodiversity Science and Management

BIO3037 Current Zoology

Optional modules

You take one of the following optional modules:

BIO3194 Biological Literature Review OR

BIO3195 Biological Information Project OR

BIO3196 Biological Research Project

You choose 40 credits from the following optional modules:

ACE3049 Companion Animal Behaviour

BIO3001 Animal Ecophysiology

BIO3002 Ecology 3

BIO3003 Ecological Modelling

BIO3006 Plant-Animal Interactions

BIO3009 Biological Control

BIO3010 Tropical Field Course *

BIO3036 Mammal Surveying Skills *
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