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INSA Business, Marketing Communication School

Máster en E-tourist & revenue management english en Barcelona

INSA Business, Marketing Communication School
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Tourism is one of the current drivers of the world economy and one of the main generators of employment. For this reason, it is vitally important to maintain a high level of quality in the tourism sector, with the support of qualified people contributing to maintaining and improving levels of competitiveness of this sector.

The Master&rsquo,s in E-tourist & Revenue Management provides knowledge in digital tools and social networks that enable open a wide range of marketing activities and sales. Also specialized training that optimizes resources and revenues in a highly competitive industry.


- Provides knowledge in digital tools and social networks

- Establish relationship marketing, direct and customer loyalty in digital environments

- Knowledge of the theories and methods of &ldquo,Revenue Management&rdquo,.

- Educate and train professionals to generate impact on revenue growth in hotels and restaurants.


a) Graduates in Tourism.

b) Professionals in need of upgrading and wishing to expand their business horizons.

c) Companies seeking staff expertise.

d) Graduates in Vocational Intermediate or Higher Grade in the areas of Tourism, Food, Travel Agencies and Hospitality Management seeking practical preparation to enter the workforce.
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