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Programa de Curso The Research Article and the Publication Process

Modalidad: Presencial



  • This course is designed for researchers (graduate students academics) who are interested in writing research articles and eventually publishing their work in English language journals.

  • In this course, we will focus on the analysis of published articles and discuss their functions and characteristics by exploring the linguistic decisions involved in writing a research article. Additionally, we will look at the publication process by examining the requirements of several academic journals and the editor&rsquo,s point of view.

  • After completing this course, you should have a better understanding of the research article as a genre and the processes that lie behind a successfully published text.


  • At the end of this course, participants will be able to identify and discuss the most prominent textual characteristics of published research articles in their academic field, in preparation for writing their own article. They will also become familiar with the process involved in submitting research articles manuscripts for publication.

  • Important: This course is not a writing workshop, therefore, at this point you won&rsquo,t be writing or working with your own texts. However, this course will enable you to focus on the formal and functional characteristics of the research article so that you can eventually undertake the writing of your own article in a more knowledgeable way.


  • Unit 1. Research Journals and the Research Article

  • Unit 2. The Introduction in a research article

  • Unit 3. Methods and Results

  • Unit 4. Discussion and Conclusions

  • Unit 5. Metadiscourse and hedging

  • Unit 6. Abstracts

  • Unit 7. Citation Practices and Journal Guidelines

  • Unit 8. The Publication Process

Información Adicional

Lugar: Mexico


  • You must be an academic or graduate student (masters or doctoral student) and have a research project in progress

  • You must have advanced reading and writing skills in English (TOEFL 580 or equivalent)

  • You must be able to work independently and be ready to actively participate in discussions

  • You must have regular access to a computer, a good internet connection, and Flash Player 8 and Acrobat Reader installed

  • You must be able to log on several times a week

  • Because of this course&rsquo,s characteristics, you must be already familiar -- and have access to -- an English-language journal in your academic field

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