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The core courses taught during the first year will give students a solid grounding in all essential business disciplines, while the second and third years incorporate their chosen pathway, in addition to the core courses.
International learning environment that creates multicultural understanding.
The program combines knowledge of the sports world with business and management courses, based upon a foundation of real-world case studies.
Students who complete this program are trained to apply a global mindset and creative thinking to conflict management and resolution while considering growth and the bottom line.
With this bachelor’s degree, students will get an in-depth and practical understanding of hospitality management; quality of service; event and conference planning; and sustainability as it applies to tourism.
This program will develop entrepreneurial thinking and cover topics such as structuring public relations campaigns, media strategy and organizational communication and ethics.
The Bachelor of Business Administration is a comprehensive degree that will prepare you for a full range of functions within the business world, making you a valuable asset to any organization.
Conviértete en el pilar fundamental de las empresas e impulsa una nueva y exitosa cultura de innovación empresarial.
Esta formación está orientada a aquellos profesionales que deseen liderar y transformar compañías digitalmente.
Esta formación te prepara para que potencies tu conocimientos en el tratamiento de tecnologías en empresas. Contarás con un tutor personalizado que te ayudará a resolver todas tus dudas.