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ESERP Business & Law School (Barcelona)

Máster in International MBA en Barcelona

ESERP Business & Law School (Barcelona)
Presencial 9 meses, 60 ECTS Turno Mañanas: Lunes a Jueves de 10h a 13h Turno Tardes: Lunes a Jueves de 19h a 22h
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14100 €

If you want to expand your education in order to have a greater ability to find a job on the international level, the ESERP IMBA – International Master in Business Administration in Barcelona is a fantastic option.

You will be prepared to manage a business and carry out a variety of strategies. Additionally, you will able to manage finances, carry out operations, logistics, and quality control, and evaluate businesses for the purposes of considering possible mergers or other activities. You will also learn how to negotiate, position your brand in the market, carry out strategic external analyses, and attract clients, among many other topics.

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