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Grado Degree in Global Marketing Management del centro ESIC Campus Barcelona

Programa de Grado Degree in Global Marketing Management

Modalidad: Presencial
Inicio: A partir del 01/09/2021
Duración 4 años
Precio: 8100 €
Localización: Barcelona
Título Superior 100% en inglés


A degree that stays current. That promotes you. That adapts to new market and corporate demands.

  • The degree with the highest level of marketing and mentoring in Spain.
  • A degree that adapts to new market and corporate demands, combining the tools of marketing, the digital economy, sales, corporate strategy, and business and entrepreneur competencies.
  • Training in management skills, technology, and languages.

Methodological tools:

  • Everywhere classroom: training both inside and outside of the classroom..
  • Rio cases: linking subjects towards a singular objective.
  • Continual updating.
  • Be a student who is already a professional.

  • A degree that is focussed on internationalisation: access to a second official international degree in France, Germany, the UK, or the United States, including experiences of: Optional study tours and international semesters.
  • Based on two fundamentals: knowing how to be and knowing how to do it; and with one goal in mind: your employability.

A quién va dirigido

  • Students who wish to focus on marketing and/or corporate management.
  • Those interested in becoming global professionals, able to work anywhere in the world.



The differentiation engine of any company. Our DNA.


One of the areas with the highest demand of qualified professionals.

Digital Economy

You will master the entire corporate digital environment.

Management and Strategy

Organise your ideas, plan, and review results, so that you will become a professional able to lead business successfully.


We foster a culture of entrepreneurship. ESIC entrepreneurs will help you to establish a company or transform your idea into a business model.


Acquire an open and international perspective for today's global market


First year

First  semester

Introduction to Economics

Business Environment

Introduction to Marketing

Digital Environment  

Scientific Research


Office Software I

To be Professional

Chinese I

Second semester

Market Research

Consumer Behaviour

Business Analytics  

Accounting Information Systems


Office Software II

Critical Thinking

Chinese II  

P Propia

Second year

First semester

Product management


Communication Management

Trend Search and Analysis

Business Negotiation  

Multimedia Software

Creative Mindset

Chinese III

Second semester

Trade & Retail Marketing

Marketing and Communication

Sales Management

Customer Marketing

Sales Forecasting

Database Software  


Chinese IV

P Propia

Third year

First semester

Marketing Management

Business Strategy  

Business Administration and Corporate Responsibility

Human Resources Management

Legal Environment 

Digital Marketing Strategies

Christian Social Thinking  

Creation of Digital Spaces


Second semester

Marketing Finance

Marketing Intelligence

Digital Marketing Metrics and Analytics

Data Driven Marketing

Decision Making  

Marketing Plan  

Business Ethics 

Computer Programming


P Propia

Fourth year

First semester

Global Mindset

Glocal Marketing

Global Communication


Strategic Finances

Tangibles - Wearables

Digital Footprint

Second semester

Business Innovation  


Business Start-Up  

Business with a Global Cause


Change and Transform

External Practies

Degree Final Project

P Propia

Titulación obtenida



There are no requirements to access this course

Información Adicional

Professional opportunities Degree in Global Marketing Management

These are some of the jobs and postings that you will be able to opt for:

  • Marketing director
  • Market research analyst
  • Brand manager
  • Business intelligence analyst
  • Customer relationship manager
  • Commercial director
  • Specialist in digital marketing
  • International account manager
  • International global marketing manager
  • Product manager
  • National Sales manager
  • Key account manager
  • New business manager
  • Online marketing manager
  • Business Development manager
  • Trade marketing manager
  • International trade manager
  • Planning manager
  • E-commerce director
  • Family business director
  • Direct marketing manager
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