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Cursos de Bec Business English Certificate en Barcelona

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  • Dirección: Col.legi Major Universitari St Jordi, Passatge Ricard Zamora 4-8 (Barcelona)
  • Tipo de Curso: Curso
  • Modalidad: Presencial
  • Fecha inicio: Matrícula Abierta
  • Fecha fin: Matrícula Abierta
  • Duración: 105 Horas
  • Precio: 1365 €
  • Horario del Curso: Horario tarde: 19 a 22hs
  • Inscripción: hasta el 15 de septiembre
  • Lugar: Sarrià, Barcelona

ESBL, European School of Business & Language, is a private British Business remote University Campus based in Barcelona.

In addition to our accreditation from University of Cambridge CIE as an accredited examination centre for business studies, attached through the British Council, we are also a fully-accredited examination center for Trinity College London, and the newest and only fully-accredited post graduate university centre in Spain, through the UK’s NCC Education.

We are fully approved to teach and host the examinations for the globally-respected Cambridge University IDB in both standard and advanced levels. Our NCC post graduate business studies are the core curriculum (120 credits) for students interested in acquiring their advanced UK Degrees (MBA’s and Master in Management) awarded by 1 of 3 highly-respected British Universities. 

The Business English Certificate (BEC) is an internationally recognized qualification to demonstrate the student’s skill in using up-to-date and accurate business terminology and communication skills, in this highly competitive employment market. 

There are three (3) different levels of BEC: 

BE5000.1 - BEC Preliminary (B1) (Intermediate) 105 Hours 
BE5002.2 - BEC Vantage (B2) – same language level as FCE (Upper Int)B2 105 Hours
BE5002.3 - BEC Higher (C1) – the same language level as CAE (Advanced)C1 105 Hours 

Timetable: Once a week, from 7 to 10pm 

Starting September 2012 Finish: June 2013 

BEC is officially recognized by more than 1000 educational organizations, employers, ministries, government bodies, and professional organizations throughout the world as a suitable qualification for business use. Leading International companies such as Sony Ericsson, Shell, Vodafone, Bayer, Coca-Cola, and HSBC have all recognized BEC in their offices and divisions around the world.

Detalle sobre el curso:


Students interested in these programs should contact school by email so as to have a level test and an interview to define the program that best suits their language and communicative skills.

Intermediate level is the minimum level required


Bec Business English Certificate

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