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Máster International MBA Barcelona-Berkeley Full-Time del centro EAE Business School Barcelona

Programa de Máster International MBA Barcelona-Berkeley Full-Time

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Modalidad: Presencial
Localización: Barcelona


Our flagship MBA program in English, with an innovative twist

The world of business and the very dynamic and competitive current situation of economic uncertainty demands professionals with solid knowledge of different management areas, personal and professional skills such as adaptability, critical thinking, determination and creativity, and profound leadership capabilities for digital transformation and innovation.

To address this and create exceptional leaders, EAE Business School and the University of California at Berkeley have partnered to offer an International MBA in Barcelona combining our flagship and world-class full time MBA program with a unique Specialization Track in Digital Transformation and Innovation Management at Berkeley.

This track will offer EAE IMBA students an in-depth understanding of the latest technological innovation trends and expert insights on the transformation of business development, managerial practice and growth strategies for the coming decade. Students will learn how to use the latest technologies to improve business and manage creative teams to drive innovation.

Taught in English, our International MBA Barcelona - Berkeley is an 11-month journey, on campus, full-time program in Barcelona with a residential period in Berkley, California by the San Francisco Bay Area. The program is intended for professionals with 3 to 7 years of work experience.

A quién va dirigido

The program is intended for professionals with 3 to 7 years of work experience.


The International MBA is the managerial training program par excellence, which trains its participants to reach positions of responsibility in a company by means of acquiring the managerial skills required for the management of companies and institutions. As such, apart from management training, an MBA ensures recognition from the entire business community. Therefore, it is the best program to gain and consolidate new tools and knowledge, through experience, that facilitate the transition towards a better job in our professional careers. With the additional Berkeley track, participants:

  1. Learn how to manage Agile projects and Agile organizational structures.
  2. Learn how to use new technologies to drive Innovation.
  3. Develop an advanced understanding of high tech products & how to devise impactful marketing strategies for them.
  4. Develop competencies in data visualization to create effective dashboards and presentations.


Module 1

Environment and Global Markets- Barcelona

Module 2

People Management- Barcelona

Module 3

Strategic Management- Barcelona

Module 4

Strategic Resources- Berkeley

Module 6

MBA Thesis - Berkeley

Module 5

Minor - Barcelona

Module 6

UCBG Digital Transformation and Innovation Management – 4ECTS

Global Business knowledge.

You gain knowledge and skills on how to navigate in two of the world’s leading economies, the Europe and the United States. In this specialty track, you will gain the knowledge and expertise to effectively operate in global business and in relation with multinational companies.


True cross-cultural competency.

You will gain an -depth understanding of how cultural differences impact how you interact, communicate and do business with people from different cultures.

Critical thinking.

You will gain the skills needed to be able to think critically. The skills needed include observation, analysis, interpretation, evaluation, inference, problem solving, and making decisions. In this ever-changing world, the ability to think in an objective and critical way is becoming essential.


Talent management

Intangible assets are becoming more valuable to companies. Those assets include human capital; the people who work in an organization. In this program, you will learn how to crate, lead and develop diverse global teams.


Innovation Project

At the core of the program is an Innovation Project in which students develop a Strategy to Manage a Digital Transformation project. Working in mixed teams, students will apply the theory and concepts of the lectures to their project. The program will introduce students to new technologies and best practices in Innovation and Digital Transformation Management. At the end of their Program, students will present their solutions to a panel of experts in Silicon Valley and receive valuable feedback and support for their projects

Titulación obtenida

Máster International MBA Barcelona-Berkeley


You have to be motivated to give your very best and not be afraid of demanding standards.:

  • Admission application
  • Personal interview
  • Submitting documentation
  • Evaluation

Información Adicional


Flexible Start Date

Nuestra metodología innovadora y flexible nos permite ofrecer a alumnos internacionales un sistema de incorporación continua de varias etapas para que puedan incorporarse a las clases presenciales posterior al comienzo oficial del programa sin problemas.

Career Opportunities

  • CEO
  • General Director
  • Chief Marketing Officer (CMO)
  • Chief Financial Officer (CFO)
  • Strategic Director
  • Business Developer
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