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Bachelor degree in international tourism del centro OSTELEA - EAE

Programa de Bachelor degree in international tourism

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In the current panorama of international tourism, concern for sustainability, growing competition between destinations and tourist demand for quality at a reasonable price are challenges that come together in an environment that is already by nature subject to continuous transformation and, in some cases, instability.

In response to this situation, the Ostelea School of Tourism and Hospitality offers a new Bachelor Degree in International Tourism, with the main aim of equipping professionals working in any functional department to successfully manage companies and businesses primarily dedicated to planning and managing international destinations and tourism products.



Módulo 1:Service company management.

Structure and organization of tourism companies

Accounting in tourism companies

International tourism company management

Competitiveness of tourism companies and destinations in a globalized world

Financial management of tourism companies

Human resources management in tourism companies

Business strategies in international tourism

Entrepreneurship and creation in tourism companies

Quality systems in tourism companies

Comparative taxation in tourism companies

Corporate social responsibility in international tourism companies

Módulo 2:Foundations and dimensions of tourism.

History of international tourism

Geographical regions of the world

Introduction to the sociology of tourism

Law and tourism

Structure of the international tourism market

Comparison of tourism policies

International tourism institutions

Social changes in the world and the consumption of leisure and tourism

Módulo 3:Accommodation and restaurant management.

Intermediation and commercialization in international tourism

International hotel chains

Restaurants, gastronomy and globalization

Booking office management (travel and accommodation) and tour operators

Social media, internet and tourism

Módulo 4:International tourism distribution and transport.

Transport systems and international tourism

International passenger transport companies

Módulo 5:International tourism resources and products.

Cultural heritage and Tourism

Regional tourism resources around the world

Natural heritage and Tourism

Programming and management of large cultural and sporting events

International amusement and theme parks

Organizational and management resources in international museums

Tourism and sports

Tourism and culture

Cruise tourism around the world

Religious tourism

Ski and mountain tourism


Módulo 6:International tourism destinations.

Geography of tourism destinations around the world

Tourism destination planning

Marketing, tourism promotion and ICTs

Tourism projects for regional dynamization

Regional tourism development

Sustainability and international tourism

Quality systems in tourism destinations

International cooperation and tourism

Tourism in coastal regions

Tourism in rural areas

City tourism

Módulo 7:Foreign languages applied to tourism.

Professional English for tourism I

Professional English for tourism II

Professional English for tourism III

Professional English for tourism IV

Módulo 8:Practical internship.

This module counts for 30 ECTS credits

Módulo 9:Thesis

This module counts for 6 ECTS credits

Información Adicional

Professional opportunities

Companies dedicated to planning and managing international tourism destinations.

Companies dedicated to planning and managing tourism products involving international aspects, particularly positions of tourism product/project management.

Travel agencies, tourism operators, online travel agencies (OTAs).

Hotel companies, particularly in positions of management, commercial management, customer service management and booking management.

Companies specializing in international events management, such as trade fairs and congresses.

Consultancy and in the field of international tourism.

The Professional Careers Service promotes students&rsquo, employment opportunities and acts as a meeting point between current and former students, partner companies and other business collectives interested in contracting professionals trained at Ostelea.


The Bachelor Degree in International Tourism will give you the following benefits:

1. Insight into the tourism industry. Building a firm knowledge base in the tourism industry from an international perspective and always with an executive approach.

2. Global vision. Training directors equipped to manage tourism companies and who are able to achieve the expected results at a global level.

3. Development of strategic plans. Learning the key factors in drafting strategic and immediate action plans in multinational tourism settings.

4. Sustainable Innovation and Management. Developing the capacity for creativity and innovation in hotel companies and their sustainable management through comprehensive and specialist training, equipping participants to take on positions of responsibility in hotel establishments.

5. Training. Developing the skills required of a global manager of tourism companies to enable them to work cooperatively, assertively and participatively with all of the members of the team.
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