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Photoshop for Photographers de London College of Contemporary Arts

London College of Contemporary Arts

London College of Contemporary Arts
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Using Photoshop to digitally manipulate photography is something which can sometimes be frowned upon, particularly within the fashion industry. However, many photographs need to undergo some degree of photo editing in order to meet the industry standard requirements.

This course is ideal for those looking to take their Photoshop and colour management skills to the next level. Over the six-week duration of this course you will greatly improve your post-production skills, making the images you produce more aesthetically pleasing, and editing images to industry standard quality.

You will learn about many different Photoshop tools used within the process of photographic post-production, including blending modes, layer masks, sharpening and retouching.

Come the end of the course you will be using Photoshop at an intermediate level. You will feel comfortable carrying out retouching techniques and confident in your ability to effectively prepare images for output. You will produce a set of high quality images, retouched using a variety of different techniques.

By the end of the of the course you will have produced a series of technically accurate and aesthetically pleasing digital images as well as one high quality 10x12 digital print.


Shooting Raw versus JPEG

Camera Raw workflow, batch processing and custom setups

Colour management

Working with adjustment layers, opacity and blending modes

Layer masks

Selective correction with adjustment layers

Managing layers and using groups

Levels and histograms in depth

Simple retouching techniques with layers

Black and white conversions


Resolution and resizing

Automating Photoshop


Minimum age: 18

English proficiency: intermediate

Eligible to study in the UK

Some prior knowledge of Photoshop desirable, but not essential

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Duration: 10 weeks

Study Mode: Part-time

Schedule: Wednesday 6:30pm-9:30pm
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