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MSc Dental materials science de Royal Universities

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School of Clinical Dentistry, Faculty of Medicine, Dentistry and Health

Department of Materials Science and Engineering, Faculty of Engineering

Dental professionals from all over the world come to Sheffield for postgraduate courses that enhance their careers.

We offer clinical and non-clinical courses that will further your career and develop your interests.

All our courses are based on internationally-recognised research. All our course leaders are registered specialists in their disciplines.

We have facilities for treatment under sedation, a dental radiography department, oral pathology laboratories and a hospital dental production laboratory.

About the course

Almost every adult in the developed world benefits from dental materials. The pace of innovation in this field is extremely rapid, especially where technologies such as tissue engineering are involved.

This non-clinical course, run jointly with the Faculty of Engineering, gives you a comprehensive education in basic materials science and the use of materials in dentistry and surgery.

You',ll be taught by some of the leading academics in the fields of bio and dental materials science, tissue engineering, materials characterisation and biomedical engineering.

You will also learn the principles of research and different techniques for evaluating dental materials and related health technologies.

You',re assessed on essays, presentations, an exam and a research dissertation.

Core modules

Current Concepts in Dentistry

Dental Materials Science

Selecting Dental Materials for Clinical Applications

Science Writing and Health Informatics

Biomaterials II

Polymer Materials Chemistry

Structural and Physical Properties of Dental and Biomaterials






Personal academic study

Self-directed learning

Research project




Research project dissertation
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