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MSc Computational intelligence and robotics de Royal Universities

Royal Universities

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Department of Automatic Control and Systems Engineering, Faculty of Engineering

We work with the biggest names in industry. Our courses are respected by employers all over the world.

We work closely with global companies such as Rolls-Royce and BAE systems, breaking new ground in systems and control, computational intelligence and robotics.

Our work informs advances in everything from aerospace and Formula One to submarines and space exploration.

We have evolutionary computing labs. There are facilities for industry-standard modelling, robotics manufacture and the assembly of satellite instrumentation.

Our reputation attracts some of the best staff and students in the world. They know we have the technology, the expertise and the industrial backing to help them turn their ambitions into reality.

About the course

From understanding the brain to sophisticated robots for search and rescue, advances in this field are having a huge impact on our lives. This course prepares you for a career at the forefront of the discipline, in research or industry.

The course is taught by experts in control and systems engineering, computer science, electronic and electrical engineering and neuroscience. It&rsquo,s supported by SCENTRO, the Sheffield Centre for Robotics.





Individual assignments

A major research project



Coursework assignments

Project dissertation
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