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MSc Advanced software engineering de Royal Universities

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Department of Computer Science, Faculty of Engineering

Our project-based courses give you valuable hands-on experience. We teach you how to apply what you learn in business and industry, anywhere in the world.

Sheffield is the only computer science department in the UK with its own student-run software company, where students hone their skills on real contracts for real clients.

We consult with employers to develop our courses. Our guest ',guru', lecturers come from a range of global businesses.

Our course tutors are respected all over the world for their work on artificial intelligence, computational systems biology, robotics, speech recognition and virtual reality.

About the course

Accredited by the British Computer Society

We teach you how to build robust, effective software systems, and how to critique and evaluate the latest software engineering techniques. Through project work, you&rsquo,ll learn how to apply your knowledge in the real world.

Genesys: learning on the job

Genesys Solutions is unique: an IT company run by students, with its own premises next to the department. As a student on this course you can join the company to work on software projects for real clients in a real business environment.

Core modules

Object Oriented Programming and Software Design

Research Methods and Professional Issues

Dissertation Project

Testing and Verification in Safety-critical Systems

Optional modules

Text Processing

Modelling and Simulation of Natural Systems

Speech Processing

Theory of Distributed Systems

3D Computer Graphics

Computer Security and Forensics

Intelligent Web

Machine Learning and Adaptive Intelligence

Software and Hardware Verification

Software Development for Mobile Devices

Speech Technology

Virtual Environments and Computer Games Technology

Natural Language Processing

Java E-Commerce

Network Performance Analysis

Genesys Solutions (Software House) Modules




Group work

You can also learn on the job in our student-run software engineering and consultancy business, Genesys Solutions


Formal examinations

Coursework assignments

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