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MSc Advanced electrical machines, power electronics and drives de Royal Universities

Royal Universities

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Department of Electronic and Electrical Engineering, Faculty of Engineering

This is where brilliant ideas are turned into advanced technology. Our expert staff are at the top of their game.

The biggest names in industry trust us to power their research and development.

The Rolls-Royce Technology Centre for Advanced Machines and Drives is based here.

About the course

The deployment of power electronic converters and electrical machines continues to grow at a rapid rate in sectors such as hybrid and all-electric vehicles, aerospace, renewables and advanced industrial automation.

In many of these applications, high performance components are combined into sophisticated motion control and energy management systems.

This new course will give you a rigorous and in-depth knowledge of the key component technologies and their integration into advanced systems.

Core modules

Power Electronic Converters

AC Machines

Permanent Magnet Machines and Actuators

Motion Control and Servo Drives

Advanced Control of Electronic Drives

Energy Storage and Management

MSc Individual Project

Major Research Project

Optional modules

Power Semiconductor Devices

Advanced Computer Systems

Advanced Integrated Electronics

Advanced Signal Processing

Packaging and Reliability of Microsystems

Electronic Communication Technologies

Systems Design






Coursework exercises




Project dissertation with poster presentation
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