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Máster International Finance de IEB.


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Impartido en: Madrid
25000 €


The IEB, as leader in financial education in Spain and the Ibero-American region, offers this Master in International Finance to those individuals aiming to become international financial leaders in their respective fields.

The globalization set in motion during the last century is consolidating in this 21st century. Social affairs, the world of culture, politics and the economy are breaking national boundaries and jumping vertiginously from one continent to another. The world of finance is not exempt from the globalization we are experiencing; indeed, financial markets are probably one of the catalysts of this movement and those who work in or with them can vouch for the international and global nature of their work environment.

Any professional looking for achievement and great success in the financial world should, therefore, not only have technical skills, but also a set of skills that can be applied internationally.

The Programme has been ranked #1 for the last five years in the El Mundo Annual Ranking.

The master’s degree has been accredited by the CNMV to advise, as established in MiFID II.

El IEB es un Centro Universitario de Estudios Superiores adscrito a la Universidad Complutense de Madrid y a la Universidad Rey Juan Carlos. Patrocinado por la Bolsa de Madrid, fue fundado en 1989 y pionero en la creación del primer Máster español en Bolsa y Mercados Financieros.

Con un método exclusivo, ha desarrollado Dobles Titulaciones que permiten a los alumnos obtener, en tan sólo 4 años, además de un Grado Universitario en Derecho o ADE, un Máster en Bolsa y Mercados Financieros o en International Management & Analytics, en los que aprenderán de la mano de directivos la actualidad del mundo profesional.

Actualmente IEB ofrece un amplio catálogo de Másters y más de 50 Programas Formativos entre: Programas Directivos, Programas de Especialización, Cursos de verano y Cursos Técnicos.

Muchos de estos programas ocupan los primeros puestos en los rankings de la prensa especializada (Diario “El Mundo”, “Financial Times”, etc).

Otra importante área de actividad del IEB es la Formación a Medida para clientes corporativos españoles e internacionales.

Más de 100.000 profesionales han pasado por la aulas del IEB. IEB Alumni ha desarrollado una plataforma de empleabilidad para favorecer el networking entre ellos.

A quién va dirigido

The Master is aimed at undergraduate students from all fields of study with a good level of English, as well as professionals with no more than four years working experience in finance or looking to change from their current field of work to the world of finance.

All candidates go through several interviews with the members of the Admissions Committee, as well as carrying out several online tests, before being accepted into the programme.


MODULE I Foundation course.

- Introduction to Financial Markets

- Introduction to Corporate Finance

- Bloomberg Basics

- Introduction to Excel

- Principles of Accounting

MODULE II Quantitative methods applied to finance

- Financial Maths

- Statistics

- Statistics Applied to Finance

MODULE III Economics

- Economics

MODULE IV Corporate I

- Accounting Review

- Capital Budgeting

- Capital Structure

- Cost of Capital

- Creative Accounting

- Fundamental Analysis

- International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS)

MODULE V Corporate II

- Banking Relationship

- Behavioral Finance

- Credit Risk

- Credit Risk Analysis

- Corporate Valuation

- Financial Forecasting and Planning

- Working Capital Management


- Basic Finance Syndications

- Business International Law

- Corporate Governance

- Corporate Restructuring

- Mergers & Acquisitions

- Mergers & Acquisitions Legal Aspects

- Takeovers

- Private Equity

- Project Finance

- Securitization

- Trade Finance


- Money Markets

- Foreign Exchange

- Equity Markets

- Fixed Income Products

- Derivatives

- FX Derivatives

- Equity Derivatives

- Fixed Income Derivatives

- Exotic Options

- Credit Derivatives

- Technical Analysis

- Portfolio Management

- Performance Measures


- China & Rest of Asia

- Geopolitical Risk and Financial Markets

- Hedge Funds

- Regulation

- Risk Management

- Structured Products

- Taxation

- Wealth Management


- Advanced Excel

- Ethics

- International Negotiation

- Negotiation Skills

- Presentation Skills

Academic Stays


International financial regulation

Financial risks

Emerging markets and the Global economy

Risks and rewards of doing business in emerging markets

Private equity

Mergers and acquisitions

Fundamental to ABS and corporate fixed income: What has changed?

The hedge fund industry


Vision of the future for financial services

Venture capital and private equity

Private banking: asset allocation and wealth management

Using financial information intelligently

International cash management

Institutional visits in New York City


China’s economy in the next decade: challenges and opportunities

Current issues in banking

Shadow banking

Investment banking landscape in Asia

Comparision of China’s equity markets: Hong Kong, Shanghai & Shenzhen

Asia’s financial sector

Project finance and infrastructure investment in Asia

Emerging Asia:

Economic Reality and Outlook of 12 Asian Economies: China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Macao, Korea, India, Singapore, Indonesia,

Thailand, Malaysia, Philippines and Vietnam

More than 30 years doing business in China

Titulación obtenida

The qualification obtained at the end of the programme is the Master in International Finance Degree. It is issued by the Academic Board of the IEB, sponsored by the Bolsa de Madrid (Madrid Stock Exchange).

A diploma will also be issued by IEB´s Partners for each academic stay.

The IEB, in collaboration with CFA Spain, includes within this Master the preparation for the CFA Level I.


The Master is aimed at undergraduate students from all fields of study with a good level of English, as well as professionals with no more than four years working experience in finance or looking to change from their current field of work to the world of finance.

All candidates go through several interviews with the members of the Admissions Committee, as well as carrying out several online tests, before joining the programme.

All candidates applying for the Master in International Finance should submit to the Admissions Department a duly filled in application form as well as provide a copy of their academic qualifications, their identity card or Passport, 4 passport size photos and a brief CV.

All candidates will have to take online tests to determine their level of English and other relevant knowledge as well as undertake personal interviews with members of the Admissions Committee.

Master in International Finance students come from all over the world and all types of academic background. They reflect the very international nature of the Programme.


To give students a broad and professional knowledge of all areas of finance from top business schools.

To offer through examples of how to apply the theoretical concepts to the day-to-day financial world, and through exercises, case studies, and real-time trading on an online portfolio simulation platform, a practical and up-to-date point of view for the topics covered in the course.

To prepare students to the working environment through the use of Bloomberg as a primary teaching tool and numerous presentations throughout the degree.

To encourage personal development and teamwork through in class team case studies and presentations.

To offer a challenging and rewarding training programme for current and future international finance professionals

Información Adicional


The methodology followed is highly practical, based on rigorous and up-to-date contents. Throughout the Master, students are offered examples of how to apply the theoretical concepts seen in class to the day- to-day financial world. In addition, for each study module, students have to carry out exercises, case studies and a group case presentation relating to the material covered.

Therefore, the theoretical classes will alternate with practical ones in which the students will also use the appropriate IT tools. IEB’s IT room and treasury desk, very similar to those found in any brokerage firm, allows students to put into practice their theoretical knowledge through the use of Bloomberg and real-time trading on IEB’s online portfolio simulation trading platform. Bloomberg is also proactively used by the teachers in class to show examples of the concepts taught.

Another factor that contributes to the practical nature of the Master is the fact that most of the professors are themselves highly respected financial professionals in their area of expertise.

Moreover, the Master aims to promote personal development and teamwork through group exercises, case studies and presentations.

Finally, the technical knowledge required from the students will also be tested throughout the Master via exams, exercises, case studies and research papers. All students are required to complete a compulsory Final Project, which they will be presenting in front of a jury panel, and in which they are expected to put into practice all the knowledge acquired throughout the programme.

CNMV accredited

CFA Level I Preparation

Face-to-face modality

100% English classes

Start: 09/28/2020

Duration: 550 hours

Taught in: Madrid

Academic stays in Madrid - London - New York - Philadelphia - Hong Kong

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