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MA in Luxury Fashion Design de London College of Contemporary Arts

London College of Contemporary Arts

London College of Contemporary Arts
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London College of Contemporary Arts is proud to present a brand new Master&rsquo,s programme, giving students first-hand experience of Italian style and craftsmanship combined with British creativity and flair.

Through our partnership with Uninettuno and the Capucci Foundation, you can now study fashion in Florence and London &ndash, two of Europe&rsquo,s most vibrant fashion hubs.

You&rsquo,ll gain practical experience to help you progress in your career by creating a collection for a catwalk show and taking an internship at one of Italy&rsquo,s largest fashion brands.


Students at MA level will be expected to be self-led in their study schedule. Promoting themselves and networking within the industry. Creating a portfolio of contacts, which they will be able to take with them into employment. Networking on a professional level is key.

Students will act as professionals, collaborating with factories, print companies, fabric suppliers, stylists, photographers and other industry professionals. Students will leave the MA industry focused, and industry ready.


At LCCA, taking our MA in Luxury Fashion Design, will not only prepare you for immediate employability, but you will also gain from experiencing tuition in Florence at the renowned fashion house Capucci.

Our MA programme will focus not only on design and garment construction techniques, but also on business aspects of creating, budgeting, costing and selling a fashion collection.

Our main aim is to offer excellence in tutoring skills, taught by tutors with a wealth of contacts. Focusing on student employability, ensuring that students are industry ready, with a variety of essential skills.


At the very beginning of the MA in Luxury Fashion Design, you will immersed into experiencing first hand, what skills are needed when working with a fashion house. Spending your first 8 weeks in Florence, being taught by Capucci tutors, you will learn cutting techniques which have been used throughout Capucci&rsquo,s success.

On returning to London, you will begin researching into your proposed ideas for your Luxury Fashion Collection. During you time in London you will be taught by some of the most skilled practitioners in the industry.

In your final 8 weeks, you will be allocated an Industry Placement, enabling you to enter a working environment, to promote your skills and network throughout the industry.



Unit 1: Cappucci Atelier

Working with the Cappucci Atelier in Florence students will learn fundamental cutting techniques, used throughout Cappucci history. In the first 4 weeks, students will attend workshops, learning cutting skills, and experimenting with these to create a technical file. In the final 4 weeks, students will create one outfit, using the skills gained previously.

Unit 2: Experimentation and Reflection

On returning to the London campus, students will research their proposed creative ideas for their luxury fashion collection. Students will present their technical files, primary research and finalised garment from their experience at Cappucci.

Unit Two will be research led, with students focusing on areas within fashion, they feel they have a connection with. They will receive lectures on fundamental areas on creating a collection, from research, design development, construction and fabric selection.

An important part of unit one will concentrate on the business side of fashion, and the costs involved in creating a collection. This will prepare students with the skills needed to go straight into employment.

Students will then present their proposals to a panel of tutors and industry professionals.

Unit 3: Realisation:

Unit Three will focus on reflecting on the experimentations from Unit Two. They will reflect and act upon feedback given from tutors and industry professionals. Unit Three will be very student led, with them directing their own structures, creating and adhering to critical paths and schedules.

Students will begin cutting, sampling and printing. Finalising one final outfit towards their final collection.

Unit 4: Reflection, Realisation, finalisation:

This unit will focus on completing two more outifts towards the final collection.

Unit 5: Industry experience:

Once final collections are complete, student on the MA will then enter into a 2 month internship with successful fashion houses, such as Inghirami, Coveri, Basile, Capucci, Vanotti, Armani, Versace, Blumarine, Empresa, Essensuals and others.

At the end of the unit students will submit their thesis, and business plan.

Información Adicional

Campus: London & Florence

Delivery mode: Full-time

Duration: 18 months

Intakes: October 2016


A relevant good honours degree or equivalent industry experience. Proven significant creative ability in Fashion Design and garment construction, with a strong work ethic and a strong interest in fashion. Portfolio also required.

English Language:

All classes are conducted in English. The standard English requirement for entry is IELTS 5.5, with a minimum of 5.5 in any one paper, or equivalent.
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