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MA in Digital Media de London College of Contemporary Arts

London College of Contemporary Arts

London College of Contemporary Arts
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The MA in Digital Media course is designed to enable students to develop the creative, technical and academic skills needed to meet the demands of a growing new media industry where one million vacancies are expected in the digital sector within the next decade in the UK.

Students will receive an intensive grounding in Digital Media via a combination of lectures, practical workshops and seminars including the topics of digital content creation, reaching new media audiences and the law regarding social media and the internet.

During term two students will concentrate on exploring digital media techniques including creating content for the web, advanced digital video techniques, apps and creative programming.

Students will also be learning project management and marketing skills and the importance of using new media skills in PR. Term 3 students will concentrate for their dissertation on managing a digital media project that could take the form of, for instance, an advertising campaign, PR campaign, interactive DVD or website design project.



The MA course is run through a partnership between LCCA and Universita Telematica Internazionale Uninettuno and will take place on campus at LCCA in London full time from October 2016. The MA course is structured over three terms with a duration of eighteen months in total. During the first 12 week term the students will study 6 core modules to get a solid grounding in the theory and practice of digital media.


Media and Communications Theory: Introduction

Principles of Digital Media (Practical)

Issues and Debates in Communications Policy

Digital Media as Research Tool (Practical)

Analysing Media Discourse in the Digital Age

Interactive Media Audiences: (Practical)


During Term 2 students study two core modules to practice advanced skills in both the technical aspects of digital media as well as in project management and strategic communications. During Term 2 students will also write the proposal for their final major project.

Planning a Digital Project/Dissertation: Advanced Digital Media (Practical)

Strategic Communications Management &ndash, Managing and marketing a digital project

During Term 2 two optional modules to hone skills will also be available:

Communication: (Introduction to Psychological and Sociological Perspectives)

Culture, Society and the Individual: Hybrid Identities and Globalization


During the third and final term the students will develop and project manage an exciting digital media production as well producing an innovative written report into an aspect of digital media theory explored on the course. During the final term again two optional modules will be available to hone new knowledge skills.

Media Ethics of Journalism in the Digital Age

Media, Gender and Identity

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Qualifications: UK bachelor degree (2.2), or for overseas qualifications any NARIC recognised equivalence

Students who fail to meet academic requirements can be assessed on their relevant work experience (3 years experience minimum for mature study route)

Minimum Age: 21 years

Language: English proficiency: IELTS 5.5 (5.5 in each component) or equivalent

Plus CV, Photograph and 2 references

Delivery mode: Full-time

Duration: 18 months

Intake: October 2016
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