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The objective of this intensive course is to meet the needs of legal professionals on the international stage. English is a language that is part of the everyday life of many international legal practitioners, however there is often the need for more specialist knowledge when faced with legal documents. The course aims to provide those attending with the opportunity to develop their legal skills by acquiring knowledge of legal terminology and concepts within the context of legal systems. The course shall take a practical approach to the acquisition of legal terminology and concepts by using legal documents and cases to allow the students to see the language in context and apply them in role-plays, discussion and the preparation of legal material themselves.


Diane Stephenson after attaining a law degree from the University of the South Bank went on to work in the Judicial Appointments Division of the House of Lords. Following law school she came to Barcelona and has subsequently specialized in the teaching of legal English to law students and lawyers alike in institutions such as the Law Society of Barcelona, International University of Catalonia (UIC,) University of Barcelona, ISDE and so on, and also for practitioners at the major law firms in the city. Ms Stephenson also works as a translator of Spanish and Catalan legal documents to English.

Classes calendar:

From July 18th to July 29th, Monday to Friday, from 11:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m.

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