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Get to Know your Digital SLR de London College of Contemporary Arts

London College of Contemporary Arts

London College of Contemporary Arts
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Digital photography has progressed massively over the last decade. In the current day, many digital images are captured using smartphones. However, DSLR photography remains popular amongst those who appreciate photography as an art form.

This short course is perfect for those with DSLR cameras wanting to gain a better understanding on how to make the most of them. Maybe you wish to pursue photography as a hobby, or perhaps it&rsquo,s your dream career that you&rsquo,ve decided to chase &ndash, either way, this course will provide you with the knowledge you need to get started.

You will be taught using a series of workshops, talks and demonstrations as well as weekly projects which will gradually introduce you to the basic camera functions and composition. You will also gain a basic knowledge in image manipulation using Photoshop.

By the end of the of the course you will have produced a series of technically accurate and aesthetically pleasing digital images as well as one high quality 10x12 digital print.


Shooting in raw versus JPGS

Colour temperature and white balance

Noise - ISO settings

Dynamic range and reading your histogram

Metering modes

Aperture and shutter speed functions

Depth of field

Exposure compensation

Uploading and managing files

Introduction to Photoshop

Colour management

Composition in photography


Minimum age: 18

English proficiency: intermediate

Eligible to study in the UK

Access to your own DSLR camera

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Duration: 4 weeks

Study Mode: Part-time

Schedule: Monday 6:30pm-9:30pm
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