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Geographic information science (Bachelor Honours) de Royal Universities

Royal Universities

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GESTIONAMOS TU INGRESO en una universidad británica. Elije entre alguna s de las mejores universidades y estudia este grado con una financiación del 100% del gobierno británico en condiciones muy especiales. ¡,Garantizamos tu plaza!

This degree is divided into Stages. Each Stage lasts for an academic year and you need to complete modules totalling 120 credits by the end of each Stage.

Programme modules do change and therefore may differ for your year of entry.

Stage 1

Compulsory modules

CEG1702 Geographic Information Systems

CEG1703 Surveying

CEG1705 An Introduction to GNSS and its Applications

CEG1706 Principles of Remote Sensing

CEG1707 Quantitative Methods for Geomatics

CEG1711 Tutorial Study Skills for Geomatics

CEG1713 Informatics 1

CEG1714 GIS Field Course

If you have A level Mathematics at grade B or above, you normally take the following module:

ENG1001 Engineering Mathematics I

If you don',t have A level Mathematics, or with A level Mathematics at grade C or below, you normally take the following modules:

SFY0001 Basic Mathematics

SFY0003 Foundation Mathematics 1

Stage 2

Compulsory modules

CEG2701 Digital Surveying for Geomatic Engineering and Geosciences

CEG2704 Geographic Information Systems: Theory and Application

CEG2707 Map Projections and Geodetic Datums

CEG2708 Photogrammetry and Laser Scanning 1

CEG2709 Applied Remote Sensing and Image Processing

CEG2718 Applied Geospatial Data Handling

CEG2720 Geomatics Practice and Research

CEG2721 Spatial Data Modelling and BIM

CEG2722 Informatics 2

CSC2513 Database Systems

LAW2053 Law and Land Use

Stage 3

Compulsory modules

CEG3701 Advanced GIS Field Course

CEG3703 Professional Practice

CEG3707 Geohazards and Deformation of the Earth

CEG3716 Geospatial Informatics

CEG3799 Individual Research Project

Optional modules

You take 40 credits of optional modules normally selected from the following:

CEG2401 Land, Traffic and Highways

CEG2703 Observation Processing and Analysis

CEG2710 GNSS Theory and Practice

CEG3401 Design of Transport Infrastructure

CEG3710 Offshore Surveying

CSC3721 Introduction to Human-Computer Interaction

CSC3722 Advanced Interaction Design

CSC3723 Ubiquitous Computing

NCL3007 Career Development for Final-year students

SUG3500 Creativity and Market Research in Science and Engineering
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