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Film practices (Bachelor Honours) de Royal Universities

Royal Universities

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GESTIONAMOS TU INGRESO en una universidad británica. Elije entre alguna s de las mejores universidades y estudia este grado con una financiación del 100% del gobierno británico en condiciones muy especiales. ¡,Garantizamos tu plaza!

This degree is divided into Stages. Each Stage lasts for an academic year and you need to complete modules totalling 120 credits by the end of each Stage.

Programme modules do change and therefore may differ for your year of entry.

Stage 1

Compulsory modules

COM1037 Introduction to Multi-Media Technologies for Film and Journalism

COM1034 The Story of Film: A Global History

COM1035 Starting out in Filmmaking

COM1038 Introduction to the Documentary: From documentation to non-fiction film

COM1039 Introduction to the Film Industry

Optional modules

You also choose one of the following:

COM1026 Introduction to Social and Cultural Studies

COM1028 Introduction to Professional Communication

COM1030 Introduction to Journalism Practice

SML1021 Introduction to International Film

SML1022 Introduction to Cultural Studies (not available if students take COM1026)

Stage 2

Compulsory modules

COM2086 Analysing Documentary Practices

COM2082 Advanced Exercises in Filmmaking

COM2083 Fiction 1: From idea to script

COM2084 Fiction 2: From script to screen

Optional modules

You also choose two of the following:

COM2085 Working in the Film Industry

COM2035 Media, Mythology and Storytelling

COM2059 Media Law and Ethics

COM2075 Representations: Identity, Culture and Society

COM2077 Visual Culture

COM3067 Television Studies

COM3063 Advertising and Consumption

COM2071 Sex, Sexuality and Desire

COM2080 Celebrity Culture

COM3078 Globalisation and National Culture

COM2034 Introduction to Public Relations

COM2060 Multi-media Journalism I

COM2068 Journalism Practice

FRE2005 Classic French Cinema

SML2011 Cities in East Asian Cinema: Culture, History and Identity

NCL2007 Career Development for second year students

NCL2010 Career Management Module

NCL2100 Exploring Enterprise, Entrepreneurship and Employability

Stage 3

Compulsory modules

COM3087 Explorations in World Cinema

COM3083 Experimental Documentary Practice

COM3086 Film Practice Project

Optional modules

You also choose two of the following if not previously taken in Stage 2:

COM2035 Media, Mythology and Storytelling

COM3081 Digital Culture in a Networked World

COM3085 Digital Discourses and Identity

COM3074 Themes and Issues in Media, Communication and Cultural Studies

COM3001 Magazine Publishing

COM3063 Advertising and Consumption

COM2071 Sex, Sexuality and Desire

COM2080 Celebrity Culture

COM3078 Globalisation and National Culture

COM3067 Television Studies

COM3079 Multi-media Journalism II

COM3066 Public Relations and Money

COM3164 Politics and International Relations for Journalists

COM3077 Politics, Communication and Power

FRE4006 Contemporary French Cinema

SPA4003 Recent Spanish and Mexican Cinema

JPN4002 Contemporary Japanese Animation

NCL3007 Career Development for final year students

NCL3008 Advanced Career Development

With the approval of the Degree Programme Director alternative optional modules to those listed above may be selected.
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