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Experto en Advanced Certificate in M&A and Private Equity de London School of Business & Finance

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Mergers and acquisitions are a vital element of corporate financial strategy and investment banking activity. This course develops unique competencies that include - organising global equity or a debt offering for a corporation in Europe, Latin America or anywhere in the world, advising a company on a cross-border merger in South Pacific Asia, or creating an innovative private market transaction for a financial institution in America or Europe.

Key Benefits

* Engage in M&A and private equity transactions by applying ',comparable company', analysis and precedent transaction analysis to value target firms

* Learn how to effectively manage M&A and private equity transactions by applying discounted cash flow analysis to value target companies

* Gain a comprehensive understanding of the buyout structuring process in relation to leveraged buyout transactions

* Understand in-depth how to leverage buyout transactions by carrying out the LBO analysis

* Learn how to effectively prepare investment memorandums for the M&A and private equity sales process


Información Adicional


*3 years minimum of relevant work experience within the field of study you are pursuing

*While there are no IELTS or English language requirements, please be aware that the course is taught in English

*Additionally, delegates should have knowledge of Financial Accounting in order to attend this course and they should be

comfortable with basic functionalities of Excel.

Course Duration:

5 days



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