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Experto en Advanced Certificate in Luxury Brand Management de London School of Business & Finance

London School of Business & Finance

London School of Business & Finance
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Our Luxury Brand Management programme delivers a complete knowledge of marketing and branding, alongside an understanding of consumer behaviour. This course will explore relevant marketing theories specific to the luxury field and reflect on various studies of luxury branded products.

You will learn how different products are defined in different ways and perceived in relation to geographical location and culture. You will also learn about consumer and market factors within this sector. The engagement of consumers and how they influence brand communication will be important areas of focus.

Key benefits

* Advanced understanding of the management and branding of luxury products

* The ability to identify and understand luxury business models

* An understanding of the role of the creative sector and its impact

* A deep visual awareness and understanding of concept development

* An understanding of the role of trends and consumer insight

* The ability to adopt a luxury strategy to foster sustainable development"

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*3 years minimum of relevant work experience within the field of study you are pursuing

*While there are no IELTS or English language requirements, please be aware that the course is taught in English


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