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The event industry is one of the fastest growing service sectors in both the UK and Internationally. This expansion has increased the requirement for event managers to be trained and qualified to a professional management level.

The Event Management MSc degree at Coventry University aims to take enthusiastic and career driven graduates and educate them up to and beyond the industry level. This degree is designed for those who have prior experience in events, but is also suitable to those seeking to work in this dynamic and exciting industry.


A specialist management programme designed to suit the needs of the event industry sector,

the opportunity to attend field trips to experience how events are run both in the UK and abroad,

the chance to showcase and run live events as part of your assessment throughout the course,

opportunities for work-based research and to undertake a company internship to gain invaluable work experience in the industry,

the opportunity to work with experienced and reputable event managers and event venues.


A major feature of this degree is the chance to experience, first-hand, how events are run. You will not only have the opportunity to work with experienced and reputable event managers and event venues, but also to be assessed in planning and running your own events.

The MSc in Event Management provides a direct progression route for students studying undergraduate applied management courses in Leisure, Event and Tourism to study Event management at a higher level. However, graduates of any discipline (eg Media, Music, performing Arts but also general management, sociology, engineering etc.) who wish to work in the event industry also have the opportunity to gain a postgraduate degree that offers a global perspective of managing events organisations.

Indicative programme structure

Mandatory areas of study for the MSc in Event Management:

event planning and project management,

event sustainability and risk management,

international event perspectives,

managing people in the event industry,

events marketing and sponsorship,

facilities and events operations management.

Optional areas of study include:

strategic management,

entrepreneurship and small business,

advertising and PR,

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