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Español: DELE Prep A1 - Beginner Online

Spanish Gurus

Programa de Español: DELE Prep A1 - Beginner

Spanish Gurus
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Spanish Gurus es una plataforma de enseñanza de Español como Lengua Extranjera. Con profesores profesionales nativos, ofrecemos cursos y clases privadas en diferentes horarios para todos los niveles del Marco Europeo de Referencia para las Lenguas (MCER), que está altamente correlado con el sistema americano (ACTFL). Además podrás encontrar tutores para preparar asignaturas de Español de IB y IGCSE .

Spanish Gurus está orgulloso de ofrecer de programas de ELE con los mejores profesores nativos, los mejores contenidos y gran variedad de horarios y de niveles. Los estudiantes se pueden conectar a la clase en tiempo real desde cualquier parte del mundo (aunque también grabamos las clases por si alguien puntualmente se las pierde).



20 videoconference class hours of 55 minutes, each session last 2 hours.

Students: minimum 3, maximum 6

Materials included: Campus Difusion 3-month subscription. Full access to all ebooks, multimedia and more materials. The price is per student

How it works

Each group class has a maximum of 6 students per class. Each group course is of one of the official levels as described in Our Curricula. The courses are imparted by one of our professional teachers.

We record all the classes of each course, although we do not publish them so as to keep the privacy of our students. However, the student (and parents or tutors) can access a recorded version of the class in case the student misses a class or just wants to review a hard-to-grasp concept.

These group courses are a professional and fun way to learn Spanish and its culture, wherever you are on earth. Be connected to the Spanish Gurus’ community of Spanish learners. Learning Spanish will bring many benefits to your personal and professional life, such as new international study and career opportunities, meeting new and cool people, traveling to Spanish-speaking countries, enjoying a variety of Spanish-related cuisines, and much more. See our post on the benefits of speaking Spanish.

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Fechas y horarios

Mon, 02-Jul-2018: 17:00-19:00, Mon Wed

Tue, 03-Jul-2018: 17:00-19:00, Tue Thu

Sat, 07-Jul-2018: 08:00-10:00*, Sat

(*) Several start timings; click on course to see all the details

All dates and time are in Madrid, Spain local time

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