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Environmental science (Bachelor honours) de Royal Universities

Royal Universities

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GESTIONAMOS TU INGRESO en una universidad británica. Elije entre alguna s de las mejores universidades y estudia este grado con una financiación del 100% del gobierno británico en condiciones muy especiales. ¡,Garantizamos tu plaza!

This degree is divided into Stages. Each Stage lasts for an academic year and you need to complete modules totalling 120 credits by the end of each Stage.

Programme modules do change and therefore may differ for your year of entry.

Stage 1

Compulsory modules

ACE1008 Environment and Land Resources

ACE1040 Academic and Professional Skills

ACE1041 Investigating agri-food systems from farm to folk

ACE1045 Investigating Rural Landscapes

ACE1046 Plants, Environment, Agriculture

CEG1601 Basic Natural Science Skills in the Context of Earth Science Issues

CEG1602 Earth Surface Materials

CEG1702 Geographic Information Systems

Stage 2

Compulsory modules

ACE2014 Environmental Practice

ACE2015 Environmental Science Field Class 2

ACE2053 Developing Graduate Skills for Professional Practice

ACE3080 Environmental Impact Assessment

BIO2018 Pollution of Air, Water and Soil 1

CEG2606 Geological Resources

CEG3603 Research Methods in Environmental Pollution

Optional modules

You take 30 credits from the following:

ACE1037 Global Economics

ACE2003 Landscape, Culture and Heritage

ACE2029 Agriculture and the Environment

BIO2028 Biodiversity, Ecology and Conservation

GEO2107 Climate and Environmental Change: Present, Future and Past

LAW2053 Law and Land Use

NCL2100 Developing Enterprise, Entrepreneurship and Employability

Work placement (optional)

You may choose to spend a year, between Stages 2 and 3, undertaking a work placement in the environmental sector, gaining valuable work experience. Permission to undertake a placement is subject to the approval of the Degree Programme Director.

All intercalating students shall take the following:

Compulsory modules

ICM0041 Intercalating Module for F850

Stage 3

Compulsory modules

ACE3042 Sustainability in Theory and Practice

ACE3070 Ecosystems: Characteristics, Function and Environmental Change

ACE3080 Environmental Impact Assessment

ACE3081 Ecology and Environment Research

ACE3082 Project Planning and Management

CEG3603 Research Methods in Environmental Pollution

Optional modules

You take 30 credits from the following:

ACE3013 Rural Environmental Policy Evaluation

ACE3016 Countryside Management

ACE3017 Rural Planning, Politics and Society

ACE3035 Sustainable Land Use and Management

BIO3003 Ecological Modelling

BIO3012 Current Issues in Conservation

BIO3031 Pollution of Air, Water and Soil 2
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