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Electronics and computer engineering (Bachelor Honours) de Royal Universities

Royal Universities

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GESTIONAMOS TU INGRESO en una universidad británica. Elije entre alguna s de las mejores universidades y estudia este grado con una financiación del 100% del gobierno británico en condiciones muy especiales. ¡,Garantizamos tu plaza!

This degree is divided into Stages. Each Stage lasts for an academic year and you need to complete modules totalling 120 credits by the end of each Stage.

Please be aware that programme modules do change and therefore may differ for your year of entry.

Stage 1

Compulsory modules

CSC1021 Programming I

CSC1022 Programming II

EEE1003 Circuit Theory

EEE1005 Signals and Communications I

EEE1010 Electronics I

ENG1001 Engineering Mathematics I

Stage 2

Compulsory modules

CSC2025 Operating Systems

CSC2026 Computer Networks

EEE2007 Computer Systems and Microprocessors

EEE2008 Project and Professional Issues

EEE2009 Signals and Communications II

EEE2013 Digital Electronics

EEE2016 Analogue Electronics

Stage 3

Compulsory module

CSC2024 Database Technology

ENG2001 Accounting, Finance and Law for Engineers

EEE3007 Design and Test of Digital Systems

EEE3015 Telecommunication Networks

Individual project and dissertation (EEE3095 or EEE3096 or EEE3097)

Optional modules

You select optional modules to take your credit total to 120 credits:

CSC3003 Interaction Design

CSC3123 Web Technologies

CSC3124 System and Network Security

CSC3322 Real-Time and Cyber-Physical Systems

CSC3422 Website Construction and Management (Server-side)

CSC3503 Graphical User Interfaces

CSC3622 Reliability and Fault Tolerance

EEE3001 Linear Controller Design and State Space Analysis

EEE3004 Digital Signal Processing

EEE3005 Analogue Systems

EEE3006 RF Engineering

EEE3008 Industrial Automation and Robotics

EEE3009 Real Time and Embedded Systems

EEE3012 Integrated Circuit Design

EEE3013 Image Processing and Machine Vision

EEE3016 Photonics
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