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Diplomatura en Short Course: Marketing Planning and Strategy (London) Presencial

London School of Business & Finance

Programa de Diplomatura en Short Course: Marketing Planning and Strategy (London)

London School of Business & Finance
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This course offers a full introduction to digital marketing, as well as exploring practices and techniques such as search engine optimisation and the use of social media. You will develop the skills to implement marketing strategies using new age media and digital tools. Through practical assessments and a hands-on approach, the course equips you with the skills required for marketing in the 21st century. You will be able to win customers within multi-channel markets using these skills.

Programme focus:

- Modern Media

- Implementation of modern digital marketing models

- Digital Channels in the 21st Century

Key Benefits:

* A comprehensive understanding of the overall function of marketing within a business

* A solid overview of the considerations to be taken into account when developing a marketing plan

* The ability to see longer-term impacts of campaigns on the business as a whole

Who is the module for?

This course is ideal if you want to develop highly desirable marketing skills. It will prepare you for managing the marketing operations of a business.

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