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Digital marketing is a unique discipline that applies cutting edge technologies to enhance organisational efforts in engaging with consumers, partners and other stakeholders. Organisations require and seek qualified employees who have current knowledge and skills to develop creative marketing solutions in the digital world.


The Digital Marketing MA degree provides a programme of study to equip you with the theoretical knowledge, intellectual frameworks and the practical skills required by today&rsquo,s organisations to succeed in the management of their online presence. The programme deals with how to manage social media, understanding consumers in the digital domain, building online communities, web design, and analysis, creating and implementing digital campaigns.

Organisations are increasingly seeking to use digital technologies, online marketing and social media to reach and engage with their customers. This enables organisations to better understand their customers, create online word of mouth and reduce operational costs by using the, often free, platforms. Students will analyse the latest web designing software, practice web platforms and blogging techniques in order to develop their skills in manipulating new media for marketing and advertising applications using the DigiComm lab.

The course also aims to equip you with knowledge of the applied techniques of digital marketing, and an understanding of the development and direction of social media. The programme should appeal to students interested in increasing both their understanding of digital marketing in general and the strategic use of social media.

It provides opportunities to work on live projects so that students can gain further experience to assist you in the workplace.



The course aims to provide you with the skills to:

apply and critically evaluate the knowledge and skills acquired to both the theory and practice of specialist marketing, advertising and branding areas,

use appropriate analyses tools to critically evaluate marketing and/or advertising problems and develop appropriate solutions,

develop the ability to reflect on the acquired skills with self-direction and independence,

strategically analyse a range of international marketing situations through the exposure to different real life business cases, guest speakers and the application of online and offline marketing,

excel in teamwork and leadership.

Indicative course content

These courses are regularly reviewed and updated to reflect new developments and the requirements of the profession, needs of industry and government legislation.

Postgraduate courses are regularly reviewed and updated to reflect new developments and the requirements of the profession, needs of industry and government legislation.

Semester 1

Principles of Digital and Social Media Marketing,

Consumer Behaviour,

Global Marketing,

Web and Social Media Analytics.

Semester 2

Applied Brand Management,

Marketing Consultancy Research,

Advanced Digital and Social Media Design,

Contemporary Issues in Marketing.

Semester 3

Digital Marketing Portfolio or Company Internship.

Marketing is a discipline that requires hands on experience of conducting and managing a research project. This course offers you several opportunities to engage in this experience. You will be able to conduct your own research project that will form basis of your dissertation. Alternatively, you will also have the option of enrolling on a company internship that will provide you with the opportunity to undertake a workplace project on behalf of an organisation.
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