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This course is aimed at people who wish to be managers and leaders of creative activities in the creative industries or broader industry where this is required. The course teaches established techniques of leading creative design processes, which is widely known as Design Management.

It is aimed at candidates with an undergraduate degree in a creative subject area or those who wish to make a career development.


The Faculty of Arts and Humanities (FAH) has one of the longest established Design Schools in the UK with a portfolio of industry partnership, competition success and substantial graduate careers in the Creative Industries.

The School&rsquo,s substantial alumni and other renowned industry associations provide opportunities for students to work closely with industry.

The FAH Postgraduate &lsquo,Agile Lab&rsquo, developed in association with Herman Miller from research titled, &lsquo,The Future of the Learning Environment&rsquo, is an appealing location for this course.

The Faculty has a staff team with extensive experience in professional design and design leadership.

The location of the University is in the industrial centre of England, one hour by train from London. It is a prime position for the study of design management.


Semester 1: Design Innovation and Collaboration

This will involve an intense learning experience of creative practice through projects set by external industry partners in conjunction with students on associated creative design and design management courses. There will also be lectures and seminars on creative and innovation methods, research methods, co-design practice, user-centred thinking and presentation.

Semester 2: Design Management Specialism

This is the Design Management Specialism module involving lectures on topics of management practice, including project management and staged development, as well as team building and team leadership. It will also involve experience of presentation and communication within the company environment. These activities may be expected to be carried out in association with industrial partners.

Semester 3: Final Major Project

This is the platform in which students have the chance to explore Design Management in a project that may be in collaboration with an external industry partner or individually formed in consultation with tutors. Through this project the student will be able to demonstrate their knowledge and leadership through research and data gathering, planning, and carrying out the process of Design Management in a project context.
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