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Curso Total Design Course en Madrid

IED Madrid - Istituto Europeo di Design

Programa de Curso Total Design Course

IED Madrid - Istituto Europeo di Design
Presencial Duración: 600 Horario: Monday – Thursday 6pm – 10pm / occasionally on Friday 6pm – 8pm
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Impartido en: Madrid


The Total Design One Year Course is carried out over one academic year, with a journey though the various disciplines of design and communication. It is aimed at those who wish to begin their training in the areas of product, interior, graphic and fashion design.

Throughout the Total Design Course all the basic theoretical and practical aspects of design will be covered and projectual facets are examined through workshops and lessons, encompassing all the main subjects for the professional exercise of design and project culture.

The IED Madrid is a space for training, research and innovation where students work on creative and multidisciplinary projects, forming part of teams at companies. The academic year culminates with a project in the form of a competition. In previous editions, students have worked with companies such as Tetra Pak, Glenfiddich, MUJI, HOSS Intropia, Skunkfunk, VANS, Hendricks, Alvarno, Baruc Corazón, and The Art Company.


The program is divided into two semesters, structured as follows:

I.Theory: all facets of design arecovered throughout the program,encompassing all the

basic areasof creative exercise with subjectssuch as Theory and Art History, or Scientific

Fundamentals of Design.

II.Projects: different projects will be developed, parallel to the theory classes, encompassing the entire program. The first cycle begins with the subject Design

Fundamentals, an introduction to the world of design through experimental work.

Throughout the second semester, workshops will be held in the school&rsquo,s different disciplines. Each of these workshops is each carried out over the course of three weeks in which students have the opportunity to work with professionals in different areas, developing intense project activities with the goal of reaching tangible results in a limited time. In this way, they can become aware of the way in which each area functions, under

the guidance of renowned professionals, as well as enjoying the chance to experience the

various creative processes entailed in the making of a product, in a much more realistic

way, with the collaboration of a real company.


Principles of Design

* Principles of Design I. Analysis

* Principles of Design II. Devising

* Colour

History of Art and Design

* Art History and Theory

Project Area

* Projects (workshops)

- Fashion Design

- Industrial Design

- Interior Design

- Graphic Design

Languages and Techniques of Representation and Communications

* Drawing. Analysis

* Drawing. Communication

* Volume

* Representation Systems

* Digital Technology

Applied Science

* Eco-Design

* Science applied to design

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