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Curso de Fashion design, styling and management course & workshop en Álava/Araba, Albacete, Alicante/Alacant y otros lugares


Programa de Curso de Fashion design, styling and management course & workshop

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Impartido en: Álava/Araba , Albacete , Alicante/Alacant y otros lugares


First Summer Session from June 25 th to July 6 th 2012

Course Content

An inspiring exploration of the Italian Fashion pipeline providing an overview of the Italian Fashion system which includes lectures by
experienced professionals as well as visits to Milan’s best fashion zones and showrooms.

Students will be stimulated while learning to develop their ideas and their potential to the full.

In the second part of the course students will have the opportunity to focus on their area of interest, fashion design or fashion styling, and
delve into intensive project work geared towards the final presentation.


Fashion design group: realization of a portfolio of finished drawings (of a mini-collection) with sketchbooks, an inspiration board and a fun
decorative fashion item.

Fashion styling group: interpreting the personality of a client and his/her lifestyle. Creating a style for a collection look for a fashion magazine, proposing a new image through clothing, accessories, photos and location combinations.

Who's the course addressed to?

This course introduces the world of fashion to beginners.


Learning by doing: a mix of theoretical lessons, field trips and practical workshops.
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