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Curso de Design en Álava/Araba, Albacete, Alicante/Alacant y otros lugares


Programa de Curso de Design

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Impartido en: Álava/Araba , Albacete , Alicante/Alacant y otros lugares


First Summer Session from June 25 th to July 6 th 2012

Course Content

A full immersion course that will provide students with an overview of the Italian design methodology including visits to design showrooms,
studios and exhibitions in Milano.

Students will be stimulated while learning to develop their ideas and their potential to the full.

In the second part of the course students will have the opportunity to focus on their area of interest, interior design or product design, and
delve into intensive project work geared towards the final presentation.


Interior Design group: Lifestyle, art and design research in Milan are used to develop an interior space plan. Studio work and field trips will
foster the conceptual development of possible interior layouts resulting in one original interior space design.

Product Design group: Students will develop a short project geared towards creative thinking and exploring form and function. The project
will be developed in small groups, in an open discussion environment to help students understand what kind of process they need to bring
the idea to a final presentation. The final result will be presented, simulating a small exhibition, with a model and a short story in digital

Who's the course addressed to?

This course introduces the world of design to beginners.


Learning by doing: a mix of theoretical lessons, field trips and practical workshops.

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