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Aula Hispánica

courses (from 50 years old) de Aula Hispánica

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- Courses are conducted throughout the year.

- Students can choose courses with any duration ranging from one weeks and up - with no maximum limit.

- Lessons are held from Monday to Friday.

- Every Monday starts a course.

- 3 students minimum to start a new level course.

- 6 students at most in any one class.

- An hour is 50 minuts.

- There is the possibility of carrying out courses for perfecting students Spanish in conversation.

- To be able to arrange of the sanitary cover in Spain, the students should bring the documents if the Sanitary Services of their country for travels to foreign. The European students should acquire the certificate E-111 before coming to Spain to have the sure cover. The academy does not offer insurance of the Social Security.

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