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Bachelor of Laws (LLB) de St. Patricks

St. Patricks

St. Patricks
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This is a &lsquo,Qualifying Degree&rsquo, able to set you on the path to becoming a barrister or solicitor &ndash, by offering exemption from the academic stage of legal training.

Success in law also requires strong analytical, communication and research skills, all of which are sharpened through this degree. Your studies will provide you with both the fundamental and specialist knowledge you require to develop a successful legal career.

Course content

The degree deals with the major subjects which make up the legal system. These include criminal law, public law, law of tort, land law and intellectual property law. In the third and final year you will also take a compulsory paper in jurisprudence and legal theory.

Career direction

A Bachelor of Laws (LLB) is your key to a career Solicitor or Barrister, by ensuring your eligibility for the Legal Practice and Bar Vocational courses. The core practical skills you will acquire, however, are always in demand throughout the private and public sectors.

Study law in a global legal capital

Studying in London puts some of the world&rsquo,s most high-profile legal firms, courts and organisations within reach. There are few better places to embark on your legal career.

This qualification is awarded by the University of London.

Course structure

Your twelve module LLB course is made up of four compulsory modules in *** the first year and three compulsory modules and one option in the second year. The remaining four modules are made up of one compulsory module in Jurisprudence and legal Theory plus your individual selection of 3 modules from the list of ten available options, excepting the option taken in the second year.

Course Modules

Year 1

Criminal Law

Elements of the Law of Contract

Public Law

Common Law Reasoning and Institutions

Year 2

Law of Tort

Law of Trusts

Land Law

Plus one option from the list of modules for year 3

Year 3

In the third year students will also take one compulsory paper in Jurisprudence and Legal Theory, plus three optional subjects from the following:

Family Law



Commercial Law

EU Law

Administrative Law

Intellectual Property Law

Public International Law

Company Law

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