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Schiller International University

Grado en Bachelor of arts in international economics en Madrid



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Schiller International University&rsquo,s degree in International Economics provides a thorough training in economic theory and policy. The impact of economics is examined at many levels.

Students learn how economics affect the individual and the company and the effect of economic policy at national and international levels. The degree program stresses the importance of international economic relations and of maintaining a comparative international perspective.

This degree includes courses in international business administration, international relations and political science. Students graduating with this degree go on to careers focusing on economic and political analysis in areas of government, business, finance, international relations or law.



Four campus specific levels (12 credits) of foreign language courses.

Language Courses

Foreign Language Prerequisite




Levels I - IV

BA 374 &ndash, Statistics, Course provides a basic understanding of data collection, correlation, and computations. Understanding of frequency distribution, data, graphical displays and other statistical methods and models.

EC 455 - International Trade & Finance, The course covers the major theories explaining international trade patterns, payments, exchange rates, as well as the role of international investment and multinational corporations.

EC 352 - Economic Geography, Examines the effects of geography and natural resources on economic development.

PY 376 - Industrial Psychology, Introduces the main concepts in psychology applicable to &ldquo,industry&rdquo, and &ldquo,employment&rdquo, as they relate to management, labor, technology and education.

BA 384 - Behavioral Aspects, Course focuses on group behavior and leadership skills and practices necessary to transform human resources into effective organizational entities.

BA 401 - Human Resource Management, Familiarizes students with the activities of a human resources manager and the specific problems of managing a workforce. Students will work on specific cases and simulations.

EN 373 - Public Speaking, Fundamentals of effective business and professional speaking in English. Focus on the importance of communication and public speaking for careers.

EN 490 - Intercultural Communication, Study of the ways in which social structuring, social assumptions, and intercultural language usage influence interactions between members of different cultures, religions, or nations.

IR 331 - Modern Diplomacy, Introduces students to the history and practice of diplomacy, including negotiation and conflict resolution theories.

IR 335 - American Foreign Policy, Course follows the history and application of the American foreign policy

with special emphasis on the post World War II era.

IR 341 - Concepts of International Relations, The purpose of this course to demonstrate the link between international relations theory and practice, students learn how every foreign policy decision is based on these theories.

EC 457 - Economy of Developing Countries, Provides students with an understanding of the economic development and challenges of the Third World countries. Questions like population growth, capital demand, foreign trade imbalance, foreign investment, and development of the agrarian sector are analyzed in depth.

IR 353 - Political Economy of North-South Relations, The profound and increasing economic divide between the north and south is examined with special attention being given to investment and trade conditions, population, urbanization and social and political instability.

EC 452 - Resources & the Environment, The course covers major theories regarding trade patterns, mechanisms for international payments, phenomenon of exchange rates, as well as the role of international investment and multinational corporations.

BA 322 - International Marketing, This covers the entire range of international marketing, beginning with start-up operations, continuing with new entry market considerations and concluding with the international issues confronting giant global marketers.

BA 370 - Business Communication, Aims to improve the students&rsquo, ability to write concise, well-organized, effective business messages for different business situations.

BA 437 - Multinational Enterprise, Comparative study of organizing and managing the multinational enterprise.

BA 369 - Introduction to Sustainable Development, The course is concerned with the challenges and opportunities of funding sustainable patterns and processes of development within the international community for the future.

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