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American law: Discourse & analysis de St. Johns University

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St. John&rsquo,s University School of Law offers a non-degree program, American Law: Discourse and Analysis Program (ALDA), which can be combined with the TLP LLM program at St. John&rsquo,s.


The program offers foreign-trained lawyers the opportunity to:

* master the core principles and concepts of American law while

* achieving proficiency in technical legal English.

The ALDA pathway enables students to begin their core LLM coursework with a professional level of proficiency in the language, cultural and analytical skills used in American law. The program teaches the key aspects of U.S. law (in particular constitutional structure, rights, and civil procedure) and the legal analysis skills (spoken and written) required for success in the LLM program.


ALDA Courses

The three courses are:

* ALDA: Introduction to U.S. Law & Analysis I and II. This course introduces ALDA students to methods and ideas that are fundamental components of the American legal system, with an emphasis on reading, briefing, and analyzing cases.

* ALDA: Introduction to Legal Writing & Analysis I and II. This course introduces ALDA students to legal analysis and writing. Students will learn the fundamental components of communicating with U.S. law firm colleagues and clients through email, client letters and legal memoranda.

* ALDA: American Law & Legal Culture Project I and II. This course introduces ALDA students to basic concepts in U.S. legal ethics, asks students to consider those concepts in the context of well-known stories and cases of American legal culture, and provides opportunities for students to discuss issues of legal ethics and professional responsibility with members of the legal profession.

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The students can study ALDA in one of these two modalities:

- two years (4 semesters) completing the ALDA work and their LLM courses before completion of the LLM degree.

- one semester of ALDA for more advanced students.

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