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3D Character Design de London College of Contemporary Arts

London College of Contemporary Arts

London College of Contemporary Arts
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3D modelling can be found in many different forms of media including advertising, computer games and film. For something which may appear so effortless on screen, 3D modelling can be a complex process requiring a lot of skill and dedication.

This ten-week course will provide you with strong knowledge of Autodesk Maya, an industry standard animation software used for 3D design. You will learn the processes involved in creating a 3D model, you will then put these processes into practice to create your own 3D character. You will also create a model using a photograph as a reference, in order to improve your visual analysis and build on the accuracy of your modelling skills.

Upon completion of the course, you will have a good understanding of how 3D computer modelling and animation are applied in commercial contexts. You will also feel comfortable creating 3D models and complex scenes, with the ability to meet creative briefs.


Introduction to Autodesk Maya and basic modelling tools

Simple modelling techniques for making animation-ready models

Accurate modelling using reference images

Introduction to materials and maps (and the effects they produce)

Rendering techniques


Minimum age: 18

English proficiency: intermediate

Eligible to study in the UK

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Duration: 10 weeks

Study Mode: Part-time

Schedule: Friday 6:30pm-9:30pm

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